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Welcome to the EURO-QUEER mailing list.

EURO-QUEER is a list devoted to communication among European l/b/g/t

activists, organizations and individuals.

It has a specific focus on queer EURO-NEWS and EURO-ACTIVISM, but it is

also a forum for GENERAL L/B/G/T DISCUSSION.

To find out how other European queer groups are working and how the

situation for queers is in different European countries, all subscribers

are encouraged to contribute with queer-related information from their



The list is not moderated, but the number of daily postings from each

specific subscriber is limited to two messages. If needed this

restriction may be suspended by contacting the list maintainer





1. The Euro-Queer Mailing List accepts and welcomes postings in all major

European languages. Sporadic postings in minority languages are also


2. English is the lingua franca of EURO-QUEER. During the first year of its

existence more than 95% of the postings on the list have been in english.

An english translation or a summary in english might also make a message in

a non-english language understood by more readers.

This list is available in a digest and a non-digest format (as a stream

of individual mail messages).

Subscription/unsubscription requests are managed by an automated server

called Majordomo.



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Other administrative questions and requests should be sent

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Anything sent to "" will be forwarded to the

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It is also possible to post to the list anonymously by sending to

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Contributors to EURO-QUEER are expected to be responsible in their

contributions. Messages consisting primarily of personal attacks, or

which have little or no relevance to the group or ongoing discussion(s)

are not appropriate. There is no charge for EURO-QUEER, but communications

are not free, as it costs most universities, companies and individuals

real money to stay on the net. Please be concise and to the point in

your postings, showing respect for other members of the list.


It is the policy of the maintainers not to release the names of

recipients, and to attempt to keep the list private. However, e-mail is

not secure, so do not count on this.



Bjorn Skolander Roger B.A. Klorese




© Le séminaire gai est un portail qui existe depuis 1998. Il est destiné à favoriser la dissémination des recherches sur l’homosexualité.